Elixir Whitening Clear Effect Mask 6Pcs

Elixir Whitening Clear Effect Mask 6Pcs

Elixir Whitening Clear Effect Mask 6Pcs

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SHISEIDO Elixir Whitening Clear Effect Mask

This product contains whitening serum and whitening mask for ultra brightening softening and hydrating results. The whitening serum contains Collagen m-Tranexamic Acid Lysine Hydrochloride and Glycerin to soften brighten and improve skin damages caused by UVA/UVB and environmental changes. It also enhances the effectiveness of moisturizer and other treatment that follows.

The whitening mask contains intensive whitening ingredients which will penetrate into the skin to suppress the excessive production of melanin. It helps to improve freckles and dark spots that caused by sun exposure.

How to use:
Use after cleansing and toning. Apply the serum to the face and throat with circular motion. Spread out the mask and apply to the face for 10 minutes. Remove the mask and massage the remaining essence until it is absorbed. Follow a moisturizer for a complete protection. Can be used 2 times a week. If it is necessary you can use it everyday to enhance the whitening result. 

Whitening Essence + Whitening Mask (6pcs each)

Made in Japan

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