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  • Clean Holiday In White Fragrance Fabric Spray

    Water, ethanol, fragrance, natural plant extract, silver ion he fragrance fabric sprayer which can just spray, deodorize it easilyand sterilize it. The natural ingredient picked out from a domestic plant...
  • Hamigaki Nadeshiko Baking Soda Glossy Toothpaste

    Ca carbonate (cleaning agent), water (base), sorbitol (wetting agent), sodium chloride (flavoring agent), silica (cleaning agent), bicarbonate Na (cleaning agent), soap base (blowing agent) , Bentonite (binder), cellulose gum (caking...
  • Propolinse Orange Mouth Rinse Oral Wash with Alcohol 600ml

    water, ethanol (solvent), glycerin (wetting agent), citric acid · sodium citrate · PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil (solubilizing agent), chaba extract · propolis extract, xylitol · menthol · saccharin Na (flavoring...
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