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  • 5 Layer Cotton Large Size 70 Sheets

    natural cottonIt is the cotton which turns it up to five pieces, and is usable to be able to use "70 pieces of cotton size grain size to turn up...
  • 5 Layer Cotton 80 Sheets

    natural cottonFive pieces of stack puffs which does not waste a lotion. 100% of nature cotton which is kind to skin.
  • Unicharm Cotton Sponges

    Pulp, rayon1/2With a lotion of surprise, newly developed 'Unicharm Sponge' material adopted material! Because it sends out the skin lotion that contains it to the skin, surprising moisture can come...
  • EB Puff Sponge mdogu-01

    NBR (synthetic rubber)unique form to fit the cheeks! you can quickly and easily produce cute cheeks!
  • ROSYROSA Angel-Rich Brush for multi purpose

    Hair ... Natural hair (horse hair) pattern ??P AS resin, aluminum carefully selected soft natural hair (horsehair), carefully made up in the specialty place "umano" of the makeup brush. It...
  • LUNA mini 2 -pearl pink

    The LUNA mini 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic™ face brush with eight adjustable intensities for a fully customizable cleansing experience. The updated 3-zone face brush is optimized for all skin...
  • Refa Clear

    To be updatedTo be updated
  • ReFa 4 Carat

    ABS, Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Silicone Rubber, Aluminum, Platinum (Pt) The spacing and angle between each roller is precisely calculated to deliver a "double kneading "effect, a mechanism to replicate...
  • ReFa Carat Face

    ABS brass, Acrylic, Silicon Rubber, Elastomer, Stainless Steel, PE, Platinum (Pt)Platinum brilliance and elegant curves tipped with a 360 degree multangular roller for fitting the curvature of the face. Designed...
  • ReFa Carat

    ABS resin, Brass, Acrylic, Silicon Rubber, Elastomer, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Platinum (Pt) A platinum 360 multi angular roller fits over every detail of your face and body. With ReFa CARAT...
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