Yaman ACE Bloom WR Star


Yaman ACE Bloom WR Star


  •  The next-level RF device for ultimate anti-aging treatment.
  • Offering the latest RF technology: Triple Boost RF ensures deeper and faster transmission of RF heat to the skin.
  •  Triple Boost RF Technology: Combines 3 different types of RF (Radio Frequency) waves that deliver heat deeper into the layers of skin 15% faster compared to the previous model*2. Our unique Quadruple Circle technology*3 and with an addition of our Dynamic Multiple Current (EMS) effectively stimulates facial expressions that feel luxurious and comfortable.
  • Powered by the latest advanced RF technology.
  • Advanced facial care through the simultaneous triple action of RF, EMS, and LED light output. Noticeable effects target the whole face, from the skin surface down to the muscle tissues.


Product Code: S12PLUS

Product Name: Bloom WR STAR ( S12 PLUS)

Technology: RF(Triple Boost), EMS, LED Red Light

Recommended usage: 2-3 times per week

Size: W46 × D47 × H173 (mm)

Weight: approx. 175g

Country of Origin: JAPAN