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  • Unicharm Cotton Pad

    Pulp, rayon1/2With a lotion of surprise, newly developed 'Unicharm Sponge' material adopted material! Because it sends out the skin lotion that contains it to the skin, surprising moisture can come...
  • 5 Layer Cotton 80 Sheets

    natural cottonFive pieces of stack puffs which does not waste a lotion. 100% of nature cotton which is kind to skin.
  • Tunemakers suplit for 10ml

    glass,rubber"TUNEMAKERS (Tune Makers)". Tune Maker's Special Essence You can use it for each product (10 ml)
  • CANMAKE Eyelash Curler 0

    metal,rubbercaptured the base of the eyelashes, is Buhler of excellent fit force that can curl a whole. Designed to curve to capture the whole eyelashes together eyelid of roundness, the...
  • ITO Disposable Facial Towel

    Cotton ITO Disposable Facial Towel
  • CANMAKE Spare Rubber

    siliconCan make spare rubber, is an exclusive rubber for eyelash curler.
  • [COSRX] Acne Pimple Master Patch 24patches

    To be updatedTo be updated
  • VT Cosmetics Cica Spot Patch 48 pcs

    Smart skin trouble care! Absorbs sucking exudates that come from wounds in the course of healing and gives quick relieve and recovery. Excellent adhesive waterproof patch gives perfect shield from...
  • Rosy Rosa Coin Mask with Cup

    ultrafine celluloseCarry convenient individually packaged type of coin mask! Will enjoy the pack easily with only the addition of the makeup water to the cup! Less likely to dry even...
  • KAI Razor 200/3P Eye Brow Lazor 3P EBR-3P

    Plastic, steelConvenient mini size to shape eyebrows easier. Gentle on skin with safe razor guard.
  • CANMAKE Wide Fit Curler

    metal,rubberWide type with a width of 40 mm, catch eyelash firmly from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.
  • ITO Disposable Facial Towel In Box 80 Sheets

    Cotton ITO Disposable Facial Towel In Box 80 Sheets
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