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  • Rosy Rosa Jelly Touch Sponge House 6P

    PolyurethanePlump swell sponge with water! Glossy skin finish a sense of transparency! In fine grained sponge, fit to foundation your skin, evenly cover. Good growth, since moderately thin with, it...
  • Mapepe No Crease Clip R Gonb

    To be updatedTo be updated
  • Rosy Rosa Value Sponge Wedge 30P

    Rosy Rosa Value Sponge Wedge 30PRosy Rosa Value Sponge Wedge 30P
  • Rosy Rosa Point Cotton Stick 50P

    Cotton ball / absorbent cotton (antibacterial processing) axis / paperIt is a tapered cotton swab that arrives at a fine point with pinpoint. Because it is a clean and portable...
  • Rosy Rosa 100% Natural Cotton

    cottonby layering raw materials carefully selected, and finished with a smooth touch with fluffy soft. By compression fixed without using an adhesive at all, to smooth skin a soft and...
  • Rosy Rosa Value Sponge House S 30P

    SBR (synthetic rubber)Soft touch of SBR made of makeup sponge to choose in applications. Since there are a lot of faces and corners, it is a makeup sponge Konasu to...
  • Rosy Rosa Wet Cotton Tip

    cotton ball ??P ??P ??P cotton sponge ??P ??P ??P PP (polypropylene) purified water ??P parabens Ear soji ??P Makeup correction Purified water use Clean and portable handy packaging
  • Rosy Rosa Coin Mask With Cup

    ultrafine celluloseCarry convenient individually packaged type of coin mask! Will enjoy the pack easily with only the addition of the makeup water to the cup! Less likely to dry even...
  • Rosy Rosa Blankie Puff M

    Make the powder uniform on your skin with a gentle touch like puff like a blanket. Excellent items that can also be used for body powder Can be used for...
  • Rosyrosa 3D Sponge Diamond

    Hydrophilic polyurethaneSwell with water! A special three dimensional shape, fit tightly to the unevenness of the face! Evenly cover. Transparent glossy skin finish!
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