KSKIN Ionic Facial Steamer

KSKIN Ionic Facial Steamer (6669955203221)

KSKIN Ionic Facial Steamer

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KSKIN Ionic Facial Steamer 1 Plug the power cord into a household power outlet
2 Slide the power switch upwards. At this time, the blue light will appear when you look in from the spray ring, and steam will be released after about 40 seconds. When the fuselage begins to release steam, it may splash some hot water droplets, which is also normal
3 Steam Care Use steam to face at least 20cm away from the edge of the nozzle. To ensure steam covers the entire face, steam should be directed at the top of the chin After about 40 seconds of power on, steam will be blown out. The fogging time and amount of fog are the fastest in the same kind of machines. When the amount of water is insufficient, the steam will change. This is normal. If the water in the tank is used up, the steam outlet will not emit steam. Please turn off the power switch and add water after cooling for more than 10 minutes.
*Special Note: If the machine is automatically shut down after the water in the water bottle is used, the thermostat has been disconnected at this time, immediately add water to the machine can not work, need to wait about 2 minutes thermostat automatically after the ambient temperature decreases Reset can work normally. This is normal and does not indicate any malfunction of the machine.
4 shutdown Slide the power switch downwards to turn off the power. After steaming, you need to perform maintenance work. If you do not care, the skin will be dry

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