Judydoll 5-shade Full Coverage Concealer Palette

Judydoll 5-shade Full Coverage Concealer Palette

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Brand: Judydoll
Quantity: 1 Concealer Palette
Net weight: 6g
#01 Light Skin Concealer Palette
Suitable for natural fair skin tones
#02 Natural Skin Concealer Palette
Suitable for naturally darker skin tones

What Makes It Magical?
Customized film-forming powder, abandoning the formula of conventional film-forming agents, for the first time, the film-forming agent is directly wrapped around the powder, so that each powder can form a film, firmly grasp the skin and base makeup, and be more skin-friendly.
The five colors are all toned on the basis of the skin tone, which can blend well with the original skin tone while ensuring the coverage, so there is no need to toner, just apply makeup directly.
Added with squalane essence, it can effectively cover blemishes, deeply moisturize the skin, and smooth facial lines.

How To Use It?
Note: You need to wipe off the surface sealing wax for the first use
Step 1 No need to activate, just take the powder with a puff and use it on your face.
Step 2 Gently smudge, wait for 5 seconds to form a film naturally, and the makeup will last longer.

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