Yammy’s Toy Keana Mop 3 Step Nose Pack

Yammy’s Toy Keana Mop 3 Step Nose Pack

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Concept of Serious Pore Care:

Our concept revolves around "Serious Pore Care," adopting the widely recognized 3-step method prevalent in the beauty capital, South Korea. Each step contributes to a satisfying user experience:

STEP 1: Clearing Sebum Effectively cleanse excess sebum.

STEP 2: Removing Impurities Thoroughly eliminate dirt.

STEP 3: Pore Care Address pore concerns for an all-encompassing solution.

We prioritize reaching every nook and cranny of the nose with our sheet design, emphasizing strong adhesion (※1), and providing gentle care and tightening for the skin post-peeling (※2). This product is a result of the development led by "Yamichan," who has reviewed over 100 pore-related products on social media.

※1: Softening agents in the formulation soften blackheads, enabling thorough adhesion. ※2: Pore care ingredients tighten the skin after peeling, reducing the visibility of pores. Additionally, the post-pack skin receives gentle care.

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