Rosy Rosa Realook Mirror Mini

Rosy Rosa Realook Mirror Mini

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  • The Realook mirror uses silvered glass, achieving a reflectivity of 95% (measured using the JIS D5705 method with a halogen lamp) which accurately reflects the original skin tone as seen.
  • Its compact size makes it convenient to carry in small bags or pouches.
  • Country of Origin: Japan

Size/Capacity: W64 x D5 x H114 / 25g

<Usage Precautions>
- Please refrain from using this product for purposes other than its intended use.
- Since the mirror is made of glass, dropping it or applying strong force can cause breakage and potential injuries. Please handle with care.
- To prevent corrosion of the mirror and damage to the main body, avoid contact with cosmetics and hair care products.
- If dirt or cosmetics adhere to the mirror, gently wipe it off with a dry, soft cloth. *Please refrain from using alcohol-containing products, nail polish remover, detergents, etc., for cleaning.
- Be cautious not to place it near open flames.
- Avoid storing it in direct sunlight, areas with strong light, or high-temperature and high-humidity environments.
- Store out of reach of children.

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