Rosy Rosa Eyebrow Brush Set Mini

Rosy Rosa Eyebrow Brush Set Mini

Rosy Rosa Eyebrow Brush Set Mini

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Mini-sized brush set with 3 brushes to groom eyebrow flow and draw ideal eyebrows.

Ideal Eyebrows. Set of 3 Eyebrow Brushes and Screw Brush in Different Sizes.
[Large Eyebrow Brush - Smudge Type]
Great for blending the entire eyebrow or achieving a natural brow look.
[Small Eyebrow Brush - Angled Flat Type]
Perfect for applying color overall or adding hair-like strokes individually.
[Screw Brush]
Use to shape hair flow or create a natural blend at the brow's start.
Comes with a dedicated case for convenient storage and portability!


How to Use:

  • Take the powder eyebrow product with either the Large Eyebrow Brush or the Small Eyebrow Brush. Adjust excess powder using tissue paper or similar, then apply to your skin.
  • For a sharp finish, use the tip of the Small Eyebrow Brush horizontally along the upper line of your brow or towards the brow tail.
  • Use the Large Eyebrow Brush vertically against your skin to draw your desired width or to softly blend the entire brow.
  • For a natural blend at the brow's start, the Screw Brush is recommended! [Cleaning Method]
  • After use, gently wipe off any dirt with tissue paper or similar.
  • If heavily soiled, lightly rinse in lukewarm water with a diluted mild dishwashing detergent, thoroughly rinse, reshape the bristles, and air-dry completely in the shade.

Usage Precautions:

  • Please refrain from using for purposes other than those described.
  • When first using, there may be a smell from the wooden handle's paint, which should diminish over time.
  • Avoid storing in places exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures and humidity.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Product Details:
Size: Large Eyebrow Brush: Approximately 105mm in total length
Small Eyebrow Brush: Approximately 96mm in total length
Screw Brush: Approximately 107mm in total length, Brush: Approximately 18mm
Accessories: EVA Case
Materials: Bristles: PBT
Screw Brush: PBT, Stainless Steel
Handle: Aluminum, Wood
Case: EVA, PP
Weight (packaging): 12g
Packaging Size (W×D×H in mm): W60 × D8 × H168
Country of Origin: China

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