Meishoku Bigan Skin Toning Pad 60 sheets

Meishoku Bigan Skin Toning Pad 60 sheets

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Removes old keratin and excess sebum gently and cleanly!
Wiping pads soaked in plenty of lotion

t gently wipes off old keratin and excess sebum leading to the clean and healthy skin that does not cause or aggravate rough skin. The embossed side of a pad gently removes dirt and excess sebum from the skin surface. After wiping off, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed.
Adding the Bigan pad to your skincare routine preps the skin for the day.

How to use

After removing makeup and washing your face, take out a pad with the tweezers and gently wipe the skin with the embossed side. You can also use it as a morning face wash.
*Please be careful not to rub your skin strongly. Please avoid using it as a cotton pad mask leaving it on the skin for a long time.

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