Mapepe Mini Eyelash Curler

Mapepe Mini Eyelash Curler

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Lift your eyelashes firmly with a gentle touch. Its slim and compact size makes it convenient for carrying around. It features antibacterial silicone rubber and comes with one spare rubber (located inside the lower part of the body).

Product Details

  • Material (Body/Lever): PC (with antibacterial agent), Moving Parts: ABS, Rubber: Silicone Rubber (with antibacterial agent)
  • Accessories: Spare rubber - 1 piece
  • Body weight (g): 20g
  • Body size (W×D×H in mm): W35 × D17 × H59
  • Package weight (g): 24g
  • Package size (W×D×H in mm): W40 × D17 × H100
  • Country of origin: Japan

Usage Instructions:

  1. Push the lever on the back of the main body from top to bottom. Clamp your eyelashes at the roots with the curler and lightly press the lever. Repeat from the center of the lashes to the tips.

  2. Please do not press too hard. Excessive force may damage the lever or cause eyelash breakage or loss.

  3. Use a thin tool like a pin to remove the spare rubber.

Maintenance: After use, wipe off any dirt on the rubber or the main body with tissue paper or a similar material. Store the curler in a clean state by folding the lever inward.

Usage Precautions

  1. Please do not use this for purposes other than curling eyelashes.
  2. Be careful as the ends that come into contact with the eyelids are sharp.
  3. If the rubber breaks or tears, or if the elasticity of the rubber weakens after prolonged use, please replace it with the included new spare rubber. Continued use without replacement may cause eyelash breakage or loss.
  4. Do not use if it has been dropped, collided with a hard object, or subjected to strong force.
  5. Store out of reach of children.

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