Little Ondine Puppy Hug Series Glitter & Matte Highlighter Powder

Little Ondine Puppy Hug Series Glitter & Matte Highlighter Powder

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✨💖 Triple Glow Highlighter Powder 💖✨

🌟 3 Color Light Waves for Customized Radiance 🌟 Introducing our Triple Glow Highlighter Powder, featuring 3 color light waves to achieve your desired level of luminosity.

💫 Multi-Fine Powder and Pearlescent Combination for Reflective Radiance 💫 Crafted with a combination of multi-fine powder and pearlescent pigments, our highlighter powder reflects a full-bodied glow.

🌸 Silky Smooth Texture, Skin-Adhering Luminosity 🌸 With its silky smooth texture, our highlighter powder glides effortlessly onto the skin, providing a luminous finish that feels weightless and natural.

 #01 LuLu Matte White: Subtle Translucency with Soft-Focus Skin-Adhering Finish ✨ Achieve subtle translucency with our LuLu Matte White shade, featuring a soft-focus skin-adhering finish that naturally covers dullness.

🌙 #02 Vibrant Satin Glow: Satin Finish Radiance for Pure and Transparent Moonlight Glow 🌙 Experience satin finish radiance with our Vibrant Satin Glow shade, delivering a pure and transparent moonlight glow for a natural and luminous look.

💥 #03 Naughty Glitter: Sparkling Brilliance Like Shimmering Diamonds, Stunning and Eye-Catching 💥 Illuminate your makeup look with our Naughty Glitter shade, boasting sparkling brilliance like shimmering diamonds to captivate and dazzle.

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