Lavons Laundry Liquid with Softener

Lavons Laundry Liquid with Softener

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LAUNDRY LIQUID Lavons Laundry Detergent With Fabric Softener ~ Embrace The Smell Even While You Wash

Long-Lasting Scented Detergent Gives Fabric A Fresh, Soft Feel

POINT01 Upgraded Antibacterial Effect 48-HOUR ANTIBACTERIAL FORMULA

Eliminates odor causing bacteria and laundry and gives your clothes a clean, fresh fragrance all day long.<br>Ideal for indoor drying even in bad weather.<span class="attention">*not effective against all bacteria

POINT02 Save Water, Energy & Time In One Full Load!

Leaves your whole wash feeling softer and beautifully scented in just one wash.

POINT03 Powered By Bioenzymes That Target & Eliminate Stains

The enzymes used in our products washes away hard-to-remove food and mud stains from the fiber of your child’s clothes, also in areas that don’t easily rinse clean such as collars and sleeves.

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