Kobayashi Sawaday Fragrant Stick Parfum Diffuser 70ml

Kobayashi Sawaday Fragrant Stick Parfum Diffuser 70ml

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Product Description

A good scent is one of the important environments for the body and mind. You want to cherish the scent around you. Surrounded by a pleasant and luxurious scent, you can relax and concentrate, which is often good in your daily life. Carefully selected scents that transform your usual room into a slightly special space in your daily life. Why don’t you choose your favorite scent according to your mood? A high-quality scent adds color to your life.

You can adjust the intensity of your favorite scent by adjusting the number of sticks. It is also a point to spread the stick so that the scent spreads. The scent lasts for about 1-2 months. We have also prepared a refill so that you can use your favorite scent for a long time. The simple and cute design is perfect for various rooms. Please put it in your room like an interior.

For indoor use.

Available in 3 different scents!


  • Lovely fascinating floral fruity tone fragrance
  • A lovely floral fruity scent with luxurious roses and jasmine, musk to add depth to the scent, and pairs, peaches, grapefruit, etc. to create a bright and refreshing finish.


  • Fresh and revitalizing floral aquatic tone fragrance
  • A floral aquatic scent with fresh marine layered with refreshing violet and rose flowers and moisturized with soft woody and musk.


  • Charming fruity floral tone fragrance
  • A transparent fruity floral scent that gives a refreshing impression with citrus such as bergamot and mandarin to a floral centered on cute peony, and finishes it with a soft and gentle impression with musk.

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