Kao Megrhythm Good Night Steam Patch 12pcs

Kao Megrhythm Good Night Steam Patch 12pcs

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The KAO MegRhythm Good Night Warming Neck Steam Patch 12P is your ticket to a deeply relaxing and comforting experience night sleep! This innovative product provides about 30 minutes of gentle steam at the base of your neck, where you'll feel comfortable warmth that will help ease any stiffness you may be experiencing.



  • The warmth helps ease stiffness and promotes deep relaxation
  • The steam patch creates an experience similar to having a steamed towel on your neck
  • The sheet warms up as soon as you open the package, making it convenient to use whenever and wherever you want
  • Perfect for use before bedtime, when relaxing at home, or during a flight or trip



  •  polypropylene, polyethylene, (Heat-Generating Element) contains iron powder



  • Do not use if you have heat-induced rash or hives, diminished sensitivity to heat, sensitive to adhesive plaster, or cannot remove the product quickly if necessary
  • Do not apply to inflamed or swollen areas, cuts, scratches, insect bites, eczema, areas being treated with patch medications or topical medications
  • Consult a physician or pharmacist if you have certain health conditions, experienced an allergic reaction, or are pregnant
  • Close supervision is necessary for infants, children, disabled individuals, or individuals with dementia
  • Stop using immediately if the product is too hot, causes pain or discomfort, or the adhesive area wrinkles or becomes loose
  • If skin problems occur, stop usage and consult a physician
  • Do not heat the product in a microwave or allow packets to come in contact with electrical outlets
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and heat sources
  • Product may not warm up if packaging is damaged.

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