Kiribai Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow

Kiribai Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow

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[Azuki's Power for Eyes Product Details]
● Steam heat that feels good to the eyes after working for a day It's a pillow.
● The heat of Azuki's natural steam warms up to the core and loosens it.
● It has a moderate weight and fits your eyes, so you can warm it effectively.
● You can use it immediately just by heating it in the microwave.
● It is economical because it can be used repeatedly.

[How to use]
(1) Place it in the center of the microwave with the side on which the letters are written facing down. (Wipe off the dirt on the part to be placed.)
(2) Heat according to the standard time. Do not heat above 700W.
(3) Put it on your eyes. Warm for 5 minutes as a guide.
* Can not be heated by other than microwave oven function
* Cannot be heated automatically * Do not heat for more than the specified time * Can not be used in a commercial microwave oven
* After heating in a microwave oven, the word "Kiken" appears on the surface of the product If not available. Please use it after cooling until the letters of Kiken disappear. If you use it too hot, it may have an adverse effect on your eyes.

Eye side surface : 100% polypropylene
Eye side inner surface: 100% cotton
Opposite surface: 100% polyester

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