Hakugen Earth Non-Smell Dry for Shoe Cabinet 1Pack

Hakugen Earth Non-Smell Dry for Shoe Cabinet 1Pack

Hakugen Earth Non-Smell Dry for Shoe Cabinet 1Pack

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Simply place it in the shoe box to clear away damp and unpleasant odours. Compact and stylish case that takes up little space. Can be placed directly in the shoe box. Contains activated charcoal. Solidifies into a jelly-like substance. Contains water retention agent of natural origin.


Instructions for use
Take out this product from the outer bag and place it directly on the edge of the shoe box.
When the chemical visible through the window on the back becomes jelly-like, replace it with a new "NON-SME DRY for clog boxes".
Use in a sealed environment for best results.


Usage criteria.
Use one for every 250 litres of shoe boxes.
Approximate capacity size (unit: cm) 75 (width) x 95 (height) x 35 (depth).

[Cautions for use]
Do not remove the chemicals inside.
Do not remove the medicaments from the container.
If the medicine is ingested, rinse the mouth with water and give the child a glass or two of water to drink.
If it gets on the skin or in the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
In both cases, consult a doctor if there are any abnormalities.
● If the agent is left on clothing or metal, it may cause discolouration, tarnishing or rusting, so rinse thoroughly with water.
If washing is not possible, repeat wiping with water and dry wiping until the stickiness disappears.
● Particularly in humid conditions, the chemical may temporarily not turn to jelly and liquid may accumulate.
Also, when temperature and humidity are low, the agent may harden during use.
In either case, there is no problem with the effectiveness or quality of the product, so please use it as it is.
Do not use the product for any other purpose.

When not in immediate use, store the product without opening the outer bag, away from direct sunlight.

Disposal after use.
Dispose of in accordance with local government regulations.

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