Canmake Just For Me Palette

Canmake Just For Me Palette

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Create a palette unique to you ♡
Custom case for the My Tone Couture range

A custom case for creating an original palette without any discarded colors, where you can pack in your personal favorites. It accommodates the My Tone Couture (sold separately) and Paddy Duo Brush (sold separately) as a set.

<How to Refill the Case>
☆ When inserting and removing the inner trays (My Tone Couture), 
take care not to scrape the contents with your nails or toothpick, etc.
(1) Open the outer lid and use your thumb and index finger to steady the inner lid, 
as shown in the diagram.
Press the part sticking out near your thumb inward and slowly lift the lid.
(2) Place the My Tone Couture inner trays (sold separately) in the palette,
 inside the sections marked on the base.
★ You can insert an odd number of colors if you wish.
(3) Slowly lower the inner lid and then press down on the left and right edges 
of the inner lid until you hear a click.
★ If you leave the lower 2 of the 4 spaces empty, 
you can store the Buddy Duo Brush inside the case as well.

<How to Remove the Inner Trays>
(1) Open the inner lid.
(2) Place a toothpick or similar item in the gaps at the four corners
of the palette and slowly lift the inner trays so you can take them out, one at a time. 
★ When removing the inner trays, you will find it easier to remove 
the upper row if you start by removing the lower row.

● Do not use this product other than for its intended purpose. 
● Take care to avoid dropping this product or otherwise subjecting it to impact. 
● Please purchase a new case once the outer and inner lids no longer open and close smoothly. 
● Please store this item out of the reach of children.

*Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.

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