Ariel - 4D Laundry Detergent Premium 11pcs

Ariel - 4D Laundry Detergent Premium 11pcs

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New P&G ARIEL BIO science 4D laundry ball Breakthrough in the past, only three effects in one Plus the antibacterial effect of carbonic acid function Stain can be removed by the carbonic acid function! Long-lasting anti-odor and anti-puff, deep stain removal Antibacterial and deodorant, just wash clothes


Surfactant (72%: linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, alkyl ether sulfate ester salt, polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, pure soap (fatty acid salt)), stabilizer (propylene glycol), dispersion Agents, metal sequestering agents, fragrances, water softeners, enzymes, fluorescent whitening agents

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