Japan Gals Aojiru Drink with Enzyme Mega Box 3g x 50 packets

Japan Gals Aojiru Drink with Enzyme Mega Box 3g x 50 packets

Japan Gals Aojiru Drink with Enzyme Mega Box 3g x 50 packets

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MEGA BOX, the latest addition to the popular enzyme green juice!

〜 Concentrated plant fermentation extract and green juice 〜

Produced factories in Japan for peace of mind and safety.

A top-notch green juice that combines the three major green ingredients: barley young leaves, bitter gourd, and kale, with 82 types of plant fermentation extracts.

Convenient single-serving packet for easy consumption.

Take 1 to 2 packets a day as a guide, mix well with 100ml of drinks such as water and milk, and enjoy.

Ingredients: Young barley leaves, glucose, bitter gourd, kale, fermented dry powder (dextrin, fermented dry powder) / sweetener (stevia), (partially contains oranges, kiwifruits, bananas, apples, peaches, yams, soybeans, sesame seeds, including cashew nuts)
"Plant Fermented Dry Powder 143 Kinds"
Red turnip, Agaricus, Acai, Adzuki bean, Asparagus, Acerola, Anise, Avocado, Jiaogulan, Aloe vera, Strawberry, Kidney bean, Fennel, Plum, Enoki mushroom, Egyptian bean, Peas, Pea sprouts, Oats, Barley, Orange, persimmon, cashew nut, zedoary, catuaba, turnip, pumpkin, camu camu, guarana, cauliflower, carqueja, kiwi fruit, millet, cassava, cat's claw, cabbage, cucumber, kumquat, guava, Chinese cabbage, arrowroot, kudamono passionflower, clove, grapefruit , Watercress, Black sesame, Black Brazilian beans, Black maple leaf, Mulberry, Kale, Brown rice, Koube manteiga, Goya, Coconut, Burdock, Japanese mustard spinach, Kelp, Sweet potato, Sweet potato leaves, Green beans, Shiitake mushrooms, Perilla, Cinnamon, Shaka, Chapeu ・De Kouro, Potato, Ginger, Watermelon, Horsetail, Daffodil, Starfruit, Stevia, Plum, Cucumber, Celery, Radish, Soybean, Orange Daidai, Taro, Cherry, Chicory, Bok Choy, Winter Melon, Corn, Tomato, Dried Prunes, Pear, eggplant, jujube, carrot, seaweed, pineapple, Chinese cabbage, pata de vaca, passion fruit, pearl barley, chayote, banana, papaya, paffia, paprika (red, yellow, purple), para nut, beet, green pepper, picao preto, Gourd, Loquat, Grapes, Brazilian Beans, Blueberries, Broccoli, Loofah, Pedra Plum Ka, Red Sweet Potato, Spinach, Popcorn, Mustard, Mate, Mango, Mandiocca, Mini Cucumber, Muira Puama Leaf, Purple Ipe, Purple Brazilian Bean, Melon, cotton, peach, yacon, yam, pear, lychee, rye, longan, apple, raisin, lettuce, lemon, lemongrass, lotus root, lentil, lentil, rosemary, wakame seaweed.

Nutritional Information per 1 packet (3g):

Energy: 47.82312kJ Protein: 0.32g Fat: 0.08g Carbohydrates: 2.37g Sodium: 6.66mg

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