Lululun Precious Sheet Mask Clear (White) 4FB 32 Sheets

Lululun Precious Sheet Mask Clear (White) 4FB 32 Sheets

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For adult skin that has signs of dullness. You may see these signs around the late 20s. Precious CLEAR makes the skin brighter and clearer and leads to firmer skin.

L22® that recreates the sebum of a young age skin
We focus on sebum, which supports a healthy skin environment. L22®, a plant-derived oil complex that recreates the sebum of a healthy 22-year-old, replenishes and balances sebum, which tends to break down with age, and helps to prevent dryness and stiffness. L22® is a complex of plant-derived oils that replicates the sebum that tends to break down with age.

Green Tea Catechin Peptide
A peptide that mimics the catechin of green tea. The skin-reflecting ingredients - Acetyl-tetrapeptide-2, focus on dullness caused by UV rays and other external damage and approach red and yellow. It prevents rough skin and leads to immaculate skin that makes it fun to look in the mirror.

Shiso Leaf Extract
A firming ingredient extracted from organic Shiso leaves grown without agricultural chemicals in Nara prefecture. The extract is specially formulated for the clarity of mature skin to prevent dullness caused by dryness and helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots. The extracts are specially formulated to improve the clarity of mature skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Fragrance-Free / Mineral Oil Free / Colorant Free / Alcohol Free

The smallest ever in the series!
The height of the large-volume box type has been reduced by 15mm from the previous version to create a compact design that allows you to smoothly remove every sheet. This makes it easier to store to save rooms.
And for the first time ever, LuLuLun is packaged in paper, making it more eco-friendly. This structure prevents the lotion from drying out, and it is easy to take out the last sheet!

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