Propolinse Matcha Mouth Wash 600ml


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Water, glycerin (wetting agent), ethanol (solvent), PEG-60 hydrogenation castor oil (solubilization agent), tea leaf extract propolis extract xylitol menthol saccharin Na (flavor agent), citric acid, citric acid Na, malate (pH regulator) caramel (coloring agent), methyl paraben (preservative), fragrance Propolinse Mouthwash is a natural mouthwash formulated by a Japanese company. It contains catechin from green tea extract and propolis from honey. It will help you maintain good dental hygiene by removing bacteria, bad breath, plaque and at the same time brightens teeth and prevents tooth decay.*
You can be sure that this mouth wash is working because you can see the protein and particles form after you gargle. Even if you use another mouthwash beforehand, you can see the results!*
Matcha Green Tea (Green Bottle) - Stronger tea flavour and contains antioxidants - just like the real tea!

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