VT Cosmetics Super Hyalon Mask 1Pcs


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Super Moisturizing, Super Hyalon! This is a moisturizing ampoules mask that delivers rich moisture and moisturizing energy to dry, light-lost skin and makes skin glow. These sheet masks soaked in 28g essence provide skin with deep and long-lasting hydration. Contains y-Polyglutamic Acid and Hyaluro 8 Complex to maximise the benefit, creating supple and softened skin. Main Benefits ✓ Form moisture protective layer. ✓ Supplies nutrients to skin and improve skin texture. ✓ Improve liveliness and moistness. ✓ Sebum oil control ✓ Revitalize and replenish skin Main Ingredients G:H8™ – Gamma-PGA (Polyglutamic acid) and 8 kinds of hyaluronic acids Layers moisture neatly and keeps moisture in the skin, forming a moisture protective layer, maintaining the moisture. Amino Acid complex (17 kinds) Supplying moisture and nutrition protects skin from free-radical damage and reduces signs of ageing. Blue Mellow Supplies moisture to skin and fills the skin with moisturizing energy. HOW TO USE 1. Apply the sheet mask after cleansing and toning. 2. Rinse with lukewarm water after 10-20 minutes. VT Super Hyalon Mask (6pcs/Box)

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