Canmake Volume Up Lady Gloss 01 Pearl Pink


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CANMAKE Volume Up Lady Gloss, Moist, lustrous, and luscious. A gloss for ladylike lips ♥ a rich, honey-like gloss for luscious-looking lips. This rich gloss clings to your lips, creating a lusciously smooth film-like effect. 

[01] Pearl Pink

A pale pink with a pearly texture. Delicately tinted for pure-looking lips, without interfering with your lip colour.

Product Features: 

  • More than 83% moisturizing agents
  • SPF 15・PA++
  • Keep lip hydrated and plump for hours.

How to use:

  • Used ver lip colour (lipstick, etc.), the rich, pearly gloss adds luster and definition.
  • Also recommended to use it on its own or use it twice, as both a lip base and topcoat

*Contains chili pepper extract (warming ingredient) and menthol (cooling ingredient)
These product ingredients may make your lips tingle immediately after application.

*Contains chili pepper extract, which may cause lips to feel warm.
If you find the sensation too strong when using it for the first time, please wipe it off and wash off any residue.

*Contains delicate pearl particles to enhance luster

Weight/ Volume/Size:  2.8 g


malic acid diisostearyl, hydrogenated polyisobutene, Toriechiruhekisanoin, methoxy cinnamic acid ethylhexyl, dimethylsilyl silica, t butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane, octyl dodecanol, dibutyl lauroyl glutamide, ethyl paraben, Jibuchiruechiru hexanoyl glutamide

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