Ishizawa Transparent White Pack N Trial Size 30G


Tax included.

Tranexamic acid Glycyrrhizinic acid 2K Soymilk fermented liquid Soy extract Cuckon extract Chlorella extract Yukinoshita extract Hydrolyzed collagen powder Hyaluronic acid Na-2 Ougon extract Aloe extract-2 Perilla extract-1 Natto extract purified water Concentrated glycerin Sorbitol solution BG Ti oxide Carboxyvinyl polymer Silicate Al ? Mg PVP Hydroxylated K Al hydroxide POE tridecyl ether acetate Na ethanol Absolute ethanol Phenoxyethanol Methyl parabenAfter cleansing, spread to plenty of skin around the eyes, dry skin or lightly dropped moisture. After about 2.5 minutes, please rinse thoroughly so that there is no rinse left.

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