Ishizawa Transparent White Lotion 400Ml


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Water, glycerin, DPG, 3 - O - ethylascorbic acid, ascorbyl tetrahexyldodecanoate, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed collagen, soymilk fermented broth, kudzu extract, chlorella extract, aloe vera leaf extract, button extract, soybean seed Extract, Arnica flower extract, Altea root extract, Fuyubododje flower extract, squalane, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, BG, propanediol, diglycerin, pentylene glycol, glyceryl glucoside, polyglyceryl myristate-10, diisostearic acid polyglyceryl-10, xanthan gum, Hydrogenated lecithin, PCA, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol After cleansing, take an appropriate amount in cotton or palm, please let me blend gently with plenty of skin.

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