Tabinoyado Smooth Series Pack


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inn Yuzawa journey anhydrous sodium sulfate *, * bicarbonate Na, carbonate Na *, angelica end *, oxidation Ti, lactose, perfume, polyacrylic acid Na, synthetic silicate Al, bentonite, polyacrylic acid, scattered pearl barley extract, anhydrous metasilicate Na, dried sulfate Na, oleic acid POE (20), sorbitan, BG inn Arima journey , BG Health bathing with hot spring feeling
Hot spring ingredient formulation of commitment 1. Body or hot spring mineral blend (sodium bicarbonate etc.)
2. Moisturizing ingredient containing hot spring on skin (sodium metasilicate)
3. Feeling relaxed hot spring containing aroma ingredients: source of hot spring It is a scent with a sense of relaxation born by collection and research of source water.

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