Shiseido Revital Wrinklelift AA Eye Cream 15g


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Retinol*, dl-α-tocopherol acetate*, stearyl glycyrrhetinate*, beech extract, L-serine, turmeric extract, concentrated glycerin, purified water, squalane, pentaerythritol tetra-2-ethylhexanoate, 1,3-butylene glycol, Hydrogenated oil, behenyl alcohol, petrolatum, methylpolysiloxane, 1,1'-methylene-bis(4-isocyanatocyclohexane)/polypropylene glycol copolymer, stearyl alcohol, polyoxyethylene behenyl ether, carboxyvinyl polymer, dibutylhydroxytoluene, Potassium hydroxide, trisodium edetate, sodium hyaluronate (2), Clara extract (1), phenoxyethanol, paraoxybenzoate, fragrance, β-carotene A medicated serum that moisturizes dry areas such as the eyes and mouth.

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