Rosette Cleansing Paste Ocean Clay 120g


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Water (purified water), K myristic acid (vegetable soap), stearic acid (leather protecting agent), glycerin (humectant), K stearate (vegetable soap), DPG (humectant), sulfur containing silicic acid AI (Sea mud, detergent), K laurate (vegetable soap), lauramidopropyl betaine (vegetable detergent), talc (feel improver), kaolin (feel improver), trehalose octenyl succinate (detergent) Neuthbara fruit extract (rose fruit extract, moisturizer), glycyrrhetinic acid (skin conditioning agent), ethanol (cleaning ingredient) It is a cleansing foam that blended sea mud and plant extract rich in pore clear and slippery washed up mineral. "Pasta" means "one kneaded in powder to make it paste". Durable and resilient foam including fine marine powder adsorbs extra sebum and dirt and removes it. In wash very comfortable with moisture, smooth the skin, such as pottery pores clean in the sea mud

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