Purevivi Cleansing Lotion


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Water, PEG 8 (caprylic / capric acid) glycerides, BG, Aloe vera leaf extract, glycosyl trehalose, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, sodium hyaluronate, grapefruit fruit extract, hawthorn extract, jujube fruit extract, apple fruit extract, Lime fruit, orange fruit, lemon fruit, pearl oyster extract, ethylhexyl glycerin, 4 Na of glutamic acid diacetate, lactic acid, Na citrate, citric acid, xylitol, sodium glycolate, phenoxyethanol Make up remover No cationic surfactant No fragrance No colouring Nonparaben Non alcohol Oil free Cleaning off merely by lightly wiping off Cleaning water base wiping lotion that can moisturize while cleansing. Moisturizing ingredients formulated from plants!

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