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Dariya Palty Turn Hair Color (Natural Black)

Product Code: 4904651417728
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Natural Black
P turn color GCNBR> 1 drug quasi drug 40 g [active ingredient]: 2,4 diaminophenoxyethanol hydrochloride, toluene 2,5 diamine, paraaminophenol, resorcinol, 5 aminoorthocresol , polyoxyethylene cetyl ether, polyoxyethylene behenyl ether, magnesium, liquid paraffin, apple juice, lemon juice, L Ascorbic acid, 1.3 buty Glycol, fragrance OX water MK 3 two drug quasi drug 80 g [active ingredient]: hydrogen peroxide [other ingredients]: ethanol, stearyl trimethyl ammonium chloride light liquid isoparaffin, potassium hydroxide, refined le, paraffin, palmitic acid 2 ethylhexyl, hydquinethane diphosphonic acid solution, propylene glycol, polyoxyethylene stearyl ether, absolute ethanol, coconut oil fatty acid glyceryl
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