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NATURING 3WAY EYE BROW Liquid & Powder & Pencil 01 Dark Brown

Product Code: 4589721361011
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Liquid & powder & pencil integrated type, evolution type eyebrow. Easy with this one! Eyebrows beautiful. Fluffy naked eyebrows, beautiful finish beauty eyebrows, tightly stabbed half eyebrows too!
Water, BG, (acrylates / ethylhexyl) copolymer, ethanol, polyaspartic acid Na, Ceramide NP, panthenol, hexyl Na to sulfosuccinic acid diethyl laureth 21, AMP, EDTA 2Na, phenoxyethanol, Mechiruparapen, yellow 4, red 227, blue 1 talc triisostearate, hydroxystearic acid ethylhexyl, silica, dimethicone, stearoyl glutamate 2Na, ceramide NP, panthenol, sorbitan isostearate, tetra (hydroxystearic acid / isostearic acid) stearate, Japan wax, hydrogenated castor oil, fatty acid (C10 30) (cholesterol / La Sterols) Esuteruzu, triacetate tetrastearate sucrose, Toriechiruhekisanoin, stearoyl glutamate 2Na, panthenol, ceramides NP, sorbitan sesquioleate, tocopherol, hydroxide AI, mica, iron oxide, titanium oxide
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