Meishoku HARINISTA Delivery Essence 30ml


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An Impressive Drop for the aging signs.
Highly penetrating*8 intensive care serum for eyes and mouth area.

By delivering moisture to the depths of the skin, it gives firmness and elasticity to the eyes and mouth area.
A beauty essence packed with ingredients for moisturizing and Aging care *1, such as Malus Domestica Fruit Extract*2, Niacinamide etc.

What’s the Delivery System?

A system that uses "penetration*8 delivery ingredients“*4,6 that have high penetration into the skin to ensure that beauty ingredients are drawn deep into the skin. By delivering moisture to the depths of the skin, it approaches the firmness and elasticity of the eyes and mouth area.

How to Use:
Take out the Essence with a dropper and drip a few drops onto your hand.
Use your fingertips to gently apply to the eyes and mouth area.
Layer on areas where you are concerned about dryness or where you have skin problems.
* Please use in the morning and evening after lotion and before milky lotion / cream.

Key Ingredients:

  • Apple Stem Cell Extract – Revive and Anti-Wrinkle
  • Niacinamide – Anti-Oxidant and Brightening
  • Proteoglycan – Boost Collagen and Lifting
  • W Collagen – Firming and Restore Skin Elasticity
  • W Hyaluronic Acid – Moisturizing and Softening

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