LuLuLun Face Mask Tohoku Cherry 7 Sheets


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Description: Tohoku region limited release The first Tohoku limited "cherry scent" has appeared from traveling Lulurun. In addition to cherry extract using cherries from Yamagata prefecture, we use plenty of ingredients unique to Tohoku such as apple extract from Aomori, lactic acid bacteria extract from Shirakami Mountains, and La France extract from Yamagata to make it white like a beautiful snow scene in Tohoku. It is a prescription that leads to pure, smooth and beautiful skin. The scent reproduces the fruity cherries of Yamagata prefecture, where you can feel the moderate acidity in the gentle sweetness. Please enjoy the blessings of sweet and ripe fruits on your skin. How to use: Please use it on clean skin after cleansing. Fit the eyes and mouth to the face. Remove after 5-10 minutes. After that, it is recommended to fold the mask and put it lightly. In addition to regular care, it is effective to use it about once a week.

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