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No special skills are needed! Simple!
Creates ♥fine-textured, velvety-smooth, silky-soft skin♥, just by swirling it around Just what you've all been waiting for - the pro-quality face brush from CANMAKE is here!

Product Features: 

  • No complicated techniques are required!
  • Wide brush fits perfectly against your skin
  • Comes with a nylon case, to keep your make-up pouch clean

 How to use:

Hold the brush like a pencil to use it, with the longer bristles facing upward.


  • Pick up a generous amount of the foundation with the brush, then tap against the back of your hand to remove the excess.
  • Place the brush against your skin and just swirl!
  • Start at the centre of your face and blend outwards for a beautiful finish!!!

Liquids, BBs, and Creams

  • Use your fingertip to apply a dot of foundation to your forehead, both cheeks, chin, and the tip of your nose, then blend in evenly, as though quickly gliding the brush over your skin.

Quick tips

  • Blend more thinly around your eyes and mouth, and at the edges of your face line for a more natural finish
  • When you've finished, enfold the whole of your face with the palms of both hands, to improve the staying power of your foundation!


Uses captivatingly smooth, tapered nylon bristles

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