Epilat Hair Removing Cream 120G


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thioglycolic acid other ingredients: sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, cetearyl alcohol, paraffin, POE lauryl ether, POE cetyl ether, Na guaiazulene sulfonate, seaweed extract 1, Camomilla extract 1, stearoyl lactylate Na, behenyl alcohol, decaglyceryl pentastearate, (2S.3R) 2 octadecanoylaminooctadecane 1.3 diol, fragrance, green 201, water, BG [Caution] Your skin Prevent the trouble, Be sure to read carefully for hair removal to beautiful Please use correctlyHair removal hair cream 120 g that can be painted with epilate hand is a washer treatment cream of the type which can be painted by hand. Since the part which was difficult to paint can also be painted directly with hands, the cream firmly adheres. A scent of floral bouquet with a sense of cleanliness.

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