Dr.G Hydra Intensive Moist Cleansing Gel 150ml


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Hyaluronic Acid/OligoHA (Improvement of moisture retention ability of skin Skin Moisturizing Effect) SodiumPAC (Moisture ProtectionSkin Moisturizing Effect) Glutamic Acid (pH Balance Skin Moisturizing) Water Lily Extract (Skin soothing Moisture supply) Pine Tree Extract (Skin defense Prevention of Skin Diseases) Grape Seed Extract (Anti oxidant Nutrition supply)Moist cleansing gel with Natural Moisturizing Factors to keep the moisture of skin after face wash as well.
With the instant moist touch of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF), which deliver the optimized moisturizing for skin, and the Water Lily Extract, it is applied in refreshing without slipperiness and finished in moist without feeling tightened even after cleansing.

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