Dr.Ci:Labo Pore Tightening Face Mask 32Pcs


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water, BG, glycerin, hamamelis leaf extract, arch choke leaf extract, neurose fruit extract, pepper bud extract, placenta extract, honeybee seed extract, lactic acid, citric acid, 10-hydroxydecanoic acid, water-soluble collagen, hyaluronic acid Na, orange oil, xanthan gum, 1,10-decanediol, lecithin, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, sebacic acid, citric acid, Na citrate, phenoxyethanol Tightening sheet mask from the Labo Labo Pore series! This luxurious mask is infused with a generous amount of 310ml of Labo Labo’s most popular “super pore lotion”. Open up the mask and attach closely onto your skin. This mask will tighten up those worrisome pores. This mask provides 4 functions – lotion, peeling, serum & pack. Simply put the mask on your face for intensive care that puts pore concerns into shape.

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