Dup Wonder Eyelid Tape Mild

Dup Wonder Eyelid Tape Mild

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One of the most popular double eyelid tapes in Japan. Super strong holding double sided medical-use adhesive tape specially made to create an ideal double eyelid. Enables you to make a deep and natural eyelid crease. Clear 0.09mm ultra-thin tape is invisible when applied and stays inside the double eyelid crease all day long. High resistance against water/sweat and long lasting.

Soft Adhesive

Mild type adhesive tape is more flexible than Hard type. (Recommend for those who like a natural and soft look). Extra type adhesive tape is harder than Mild type. (Recommend for those who like a dramatic and clear look.) Ingredients for both types of tape are the same and both are equally water (or sweat) resistant. Please choose by your style preference!

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