Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome Sakura Kit V


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Moisture Liposome 60ml + Liposome Treatment Liquid 30ml

Moisture Lipsome Serum has been Japan’s no.1 selling serum for almost 30 years. A super moisturising essence that treats rough skin caused by dryness. The liposome’s Biomimetic-inspired multi-layered structure provides long-lasting hydration by releasing encapsulated moisturising agents to the skin. This serum includes active ingredients such as Bio Hyaluronic Acid (moisturiser), Herb Complex 5 (cell activator), Tocopherol (antioxidant) and Ultraviolet Inhibitor (ultraviolet ray protector). Apply two pumps to the face after washing and massage dry areas gently. 

Decorté Liposome Treatment Liquid is a luxurious multi-layered lotion that instantly becomes one with your complexion, promoting a healthy, hydrated and radiant visage. The quick absorbing formula offers continuous moisture, leaving skin feeling supple, resilient and prepped for your skincare routine to follow. 


Water · BG · glycerin, hydrogenated lecithin · PCA-Na · acetyl glutamine Ooumegasasou leaf extract, horsetail extract, tocopherol, hyaluronic acid Na · hop extract, pine extract, European white birch bark extract, lemon extract, rosemary extract, oxybenzone - 5-carbomer xanthan-cholesterol ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, hydroxide Na, phenoxyethanol methylparaben perfume.
Liposome Treatment Liquid 30ml: Water-BG, ethanol, glycerine, adenosine triphosphate 2Na-white fungus extract, theanine-tocopherol butcher's broom root extract, loquat leaf extract, Bukuryou extract, citric acid, citric acid Na-cholesterol lecithin hydrogenated lysolecithin, hydrogenated lecithin , phenoxyethanol, perfume.

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