Colorkey Lip Gloss Glaze Shimmer Liquid Lipstick R718


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essence, polyglycerol-2, polydimethylsiloxane, etc.

Colorkey Light Shimmer Lip Glaze Long-lasting Glossy Liquid Lipstick Plumper Colorfast Lip Gloss
1. High moisturizing formula, translucent, create plumper lips, glitter in the night
2. Korea's original film forming technology, forming film quickly, color lasting and free from cup stick
3. Water-oil balance emulsification technology, clear texture, moisturizing and long lasting
4. Active essential oils (macadamia nut oil and geranium flower oil), nourish the delicate lip skin, make the lips rosy and elastic

How to Use:
Start applying the lip gloss from the center of the lips and drag the sponge applicator along the length of the lips.
Avoid applying the gloss above the natural lip line. You can blot the excess lip gloss on a tissue paper. This will prevent the color from bleeding."

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