Ishizawa Transparent White Wash N 150g


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water, glycerin, lauric acid polyglycerol-10, liquefied petroleum gas, tea coconut oil, glutamine, diglyceride, sodium lauryl, methylaminopropionate tea, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, soy milk fermentation Liquid, Pueraria lobata extract, chlorella extract, aloe vera leaf extract and tiger ear sarmentosa extract, peony root extract, citric acid, sodium citrate, carbon dioxide, xanthan gum, BG, Nipa Gold methyl ester, (laurel / nutmeg) glycolhydroxypropyl ether Ishizawa White Wash is a facial cleanser that does not need you to create lather because it is already made in a whipped cream like fluffy foam from the beginning. This facial cleanser's lather is very rich and thick that it can gently but thoroughly cleanse your face with lather's cushion. It can remove dead skin cells that contain melanin. It leaves skin brightened, luminous and translucent.

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