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Claypathy Clearing Gel Set

Product Code: 4573202061118
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Deep cleansing gel cleanser With 9 natural mud extracts from Spain, it removes impurities that clog pores. Leaves skin smooth, without losing moisture.
Water, tea leaf extract, jojoba leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, Lemon juice, orange juice,, coconut oil fatty acid PEG 7 glyceryl, propanediol, glycerin, illite, kaolin, Morocco lava clay, loess, pentonite, chamomile flower extract, caninabara fruit extract, nettle leaf extract, otter elder Flower extract, Muwah root extract, Bilberry leaf extract, Orange fruit oil, Lemon fruit oil, Peppermint oil, Torundeca flower extract, Chaeba extract, jojoba leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, glucomannan, charcoal, papain, protease, lipase , Lecithin, ethanol, K phosphate, 2 Na phosphoric acid, dextrin, BG, butyl carbamate propynyl iodide, sodium metaphosphate, hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, K hydroxide, carbomer, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol
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