Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes 09 Urban Khaki

Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes 09 Urban Khaki

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CANMAKE Silky Souffle Eyes. A quartet of dewy eyeshadows that melt into your skin. Dewy and long-lasting, with a rich texture. An eyeshadow with a translucent sheen that melts into your skin, feels just like a soufflé Soft, dewy powder. Contains Glow Oil to enhance sheen, for a lustrous texture that seems to melt into your skin like silk! Contains fine-textured pearl for a sophisticated finish. 

Limited Colour* [09] Urban Khaki

Khaki creates a sophisticated impression.

Product Features: 

  • Long-lasting, high-colour pigmentation
  • Dewy and long-lasting
  • Soft, silky, rich texture

 How to use:

Choose from the following 3 ways of applying this product

  • A: Base colour Apply over the whole eyelid
  • B: Main colour (pale) Apply over the whole of the upper eyelid
  • C: Main colour Blend over the outer side of the upper eyelid to create definition
  • D: Liner colour Apply as though drawing a line, to round off your look

Weight/ Volume/Size:  4.8 g


Talc, synthetic fluorophlogopite, alumina, diphenylsiloxyphenyl trimethicone, hydrogenated polydecene, Ba sulfate, (polyglyceryl-2/dimarglycolic acid) copolymer, dimethicone (polyglyceryl-2/mercuryl linoleate) copolymer, dimethicone, Al distearate, silica, methylparaben, Mg stearate, tocopherol, jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel oil BG, water, sodium hyaluronate, chamomile flower extract, mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, borosilicate (Ca/Al) Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, borosilicate (Ca/Al), gunjowder, tin oxide

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