Browlash Neo Lash Up Mascara Volume


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(VP / eicosene) copolymer, kaolin, stearic acid, polyvinyl acetate, PVP, glyceryl stearate, ceramide NP, panthenol, stearic acid, pentaerythritol rosinate, BG, carnauba wax, beeswax, PEG, ethanol, citric acid, Na citrate, silica, nylon 6, hydroxyethyl cellulose, behenyl alcohol, polystearic acid Sucrose, polyvinyl alcohol, microcrystalline wax, laureth 21, sodium dehydroacetate, phenoxyethanol, carbon black, titanium oxideIt is a curl mascara developed focusing on eyelash troubles.
Keep up the curl of Buhler upward. With beauty essence ingredient formulation, eyelash care will also fulfill while making makeup.

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