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BROWLASH EX Slim Gel Pencil Eyeliner Deep Black

Product Code: 4515061046844
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Soft gel formulation! Extra fine gel core * 24 hour durability test clear *! Soft gel as it is to pencil! Can delicate delicately and boldly, ultra fine 2 mm core gel core pencil eyeliner Pursuing ease of drawing! Smoothing gel WAX, soft and soft to melt, you can draw neatly. Furthermore, because it is an ultra fine 2 mm core, you can draw beautifully up to the eyelashes and between the eyelashes and eyelashes, aiming to the best of the eye. 24 hour durability test clear *! Durable and volatile silicone prescription, the line drawn closely adhered. Keep beautiful lines up to 24 hours *. Concentrated jet black line! Combine black pigment in luxury.
Copolymer of cyclopentasiloxane, trimethylsiloxysilicic acid, fatty acid (C 18 36) glycol, polyethylene, (acrylates / stearyl acrylate / dhyaluronic acid Na, methicone, fruit, titanium oxide, iron oxide, hydroxide AL, sulfate Ba
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