Axxzia Beauty Face Mate For Eyes

Axxzia Beauty Face Mate For Eyes

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Care of the whole face: It can be used for delicate eye eyes, mouth, face line. Please use it so as to gently slide the skin after applying the essence to your skin.


The device uses two methods of non-surgical skin rejuvenation: the method of radio wave skin tightening (RF - lifting) and microcurrents.

AXXZIA Mate for Eyes gives an instant result of tightening the area around the eyes.

The radio wave exposure deeply warms and relaxes the circular muscles of the face, in the process of heating the subcutaneous layers, the structure of collagen fibres changes, and forms new ones. 

EMS - low-frequency currents - reduce the facial micro-muscles, toning them and giving the skin fullness from the inside. Increase the skins blood circulation and activate metabolic processes and cell respiration.

Product Features: 

  • Smoothens skin and muscle tissue
  • Helps with ptosis(omission) of facial tissues
  • Eliminates puffiness

How to use:

The device is controlled by one button and has two operating modes

  • 1. Normal (purple backlight) turns on when the button is pressed once
  • 2. Double pressing enhances it (red backlight)

It is recommended to start at Normal Mode and get to know the device for your usage.

For better results use together with AXXZIA Eye Serum, AXXZIA EYE Cream and AXXZIA Eye Essence Sheets.

Weight/ Volume/Size:  One device

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