Axxzia AG Theory Cleansing Oil 130ml


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For the moment with the most clean and beautiful skin condition of the day. Cleansing oil, offers a unique cleansing product with double layer component (oil part and beauty skincare part) and a warm feeling based on our new technology. Not only cleansing ability also moisturizing performance are provided as well during a cleansing time.

Product Features: 

  • Effect on warm feeling oil
  • Remove makeup & Cleaning
  • Double layer component

How to use:

  • Take an appropriate amount of cleansing oil apply onto the face and massage gently to cleanse soil and stain on the skin, then rinse thoroughly with water and/or lukewarm water.

Weight/ Volume/Size: 130ml


Sunflower seed oil, glycerin, tri (capric acid / capric acid) glyceryl, water, PEG-20 glyceryl triisostearate, sorbitan isostearate, lumex ocsidentalis extract, ascorbic acid, ascorbyl glucoside, hydrolyzed rice bran extract, gentian root extract, Magwa root bark extract, Tochinoki seed extract, Obako seed extract, Yukinoshita extract, Bilberry leaf extract, Yuzu fruit extract, Dokudami extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, Glucosyl hesperidin, Cyanocobalamine, Hydrolyzed cutinashi extract, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Tocopherol, BG, Na chloride, maltodextrin, ethanol, fragrance

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